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Forget Everything You Know About Eggs

Experience the remarkable taste of farm fresh eggs just as nature intended. Our freshly gathered eggs remain sealed with their natural bloom for locked-in freshness and are safely shipped directly from our farm within 24-72 hours or less of being laid. 

So fresh you can almost taste the morning sunshine.

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Raised Ethically

We raise your eggs on our Indiana farm along with help from our trusted farm partners.

Shipped Fresh

Each egg is laid, hand-gathered & on its way to you within 24-72 hrs.

Delivered Safe

Fresh eggs arrive safely at your doorstep just 24-36 hours after being shipped.

Choose Your Egg Box

4 Dozen Fresh Bloom™ Eggs (Delivered Monthly).

Provides a happy life & meaningful work for 2 hens

Adjust deliveries anytime
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8 Dozen Fresh Bloom™ Eggs (Delivered Monthly).

Provides a happy life & meaningful work for 4 hens

Adjust deliveries anytime
Delivery is free

Save $12.00

Our Promise..

✓ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

✓ Eggs delivered safe or we replace

✓ Skip deliveries or cancel anytime

The Fresh Difference


The Best Eggs. Period.

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Sealed With Natural Bloom

    Each egg is preserved with its naturally occurring bloom that seals and locks in an egg's freshness. This extends the shelflife of our eggs keeping them ultra-fresh until your next delivery.

Rich Golden Yolks

    The rich golden yolks found in our eggs are out-of-this-world delicious and give testament to the quality diet and happy life that our hens have on pasture.

Blaine of Seven Sons Farms
Fresh Egg Delivery

Easier for You

    Skip the stores and let us keep your fridge stocked with a monthly supply of farm fresh eggs delivered to your door.

  • Choose Your Plan
  • Eco Friendly Packaging
  • Adjust Deliveries Anytime

What Folks are Saying

Ordered eggs and none were broken. The outside of the box had fragile and inside the egg cartons were padding to ensure eggs wouldn’t break. Can’t wait for my morning eggs.
James Y.
All my eggs came perfectly packed and not one broken. Best of all is the taste, I have never had such remarkable eggs.
Joe M.
I was a little hesitant to order eggs and have them shipped, but they are packaged so well and the quality is far better than anything you can get in the store.
Josh Eisenhauer

Healthier for Everyone

    Studies from pasture-raised eggs have been shown to contain:

  • 2-3x more vitamins A and E
  • 2x more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 7x times more beta carotene
  • 3-6x times more vitamin D
Blaine of Seven Sons Farms
Seven Sons Eggs

Happier Life for Hens

    With each subscription box you are providing a happy life and meaningful work for at least 2 hens on our Indiana farm:

  • Fresh air & sunlight 365
  • No GMOs, antibiotics or drugs ever
  • Hens forage on regenerative pastures

About Us

Meet the Fresh Egg Co Family, we operate in relationship with Seven Sons Farms in the heartland of Indiana.

Every single delicious fresh egg that comes in your box is laid by happy hens, gathered with care, and safely shipped directly from our farm to your home.

It's like having your very own flock of hens, except we do all the work and deliver directly to your door!


Common Questions 🤔

How Long Are My Eggs Good?

Our ultra-fresh eggs remain sealed with their natural bloom maintaining freshness for at least 6 weeks. 

How are Eggs Shipped?

Eggs will arrive via Fedex or UPS in our highly tested custom gold Fresh Egg Co. cushioned box. Eggs are protected inside by foam "Egg Snugglers" to reduce jostling during transport.

What If My Eggs Crack?

If you find a cracked egg, no worries! We'll credit your account the value of two eggs.

Where does Fresh Egg Co. Deliver?

We currently are delivering in a 1-day shipping zone around Roanoke, IN. Please hit "Check Delivery Area" to confirm whether we are currently able to serve you.

How to Know the Age of My Eggs?

The day that your eggs were laid on is indicated by your Freshness Certificate card. All of your eggs are packed and shipped within 24-72 hours of being laid. The Julian Pack by date on the cartons and box indicate the day the eggs were packed and shipped to you.

How Should I Store My Eggs?

To maximize and extend the shelf life of your Fresh Bloom eggs, we recommend that they be stored in your refrigerator upon arrival. Keep in mind that in many European countries it's common practice that fresh bloom eggs are not refrigerated.

Do I Have to Be Home to Get My Order?

You don't have to be home to receive your order. Your Fresh Egg Co. eggs will be safe outside for several hours.

Do I Need to Wash my Eggs?

Washing eggs before you eat them is optional. If you do choose to wash your eggs we recommend it's done immediately before you eat them as this will remove their bloom and potentially impact freshness over time.

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